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According to Luke: The Beauty of Baptism

Illustration: The year was 1969.  The world was watching.  Chances are if you were around then, you immediately associate that year with one event.  That’s right, the moon landing.  You were glued to your television set as Neil Armstrong took his first step on the moon.  He traveled some 252000 miles to make that one step.  

“One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.’ We all know the quote.  It was a great line for a great moment.  In that one event, mankind leaped forward and became space travelers.  It gave hope that with teamwork and resources that mankind could do anything or go anywhere.  It was a very important step in a direction that would change the world forever.  
Introduction: Can you think of some of the biggest steps you’ve ever taken?  I can think of several in my life.  Even though I don’t remember my first step as a child, my parents did and they tell me it was quite impressive.  Then there was my first step into kindergarten.  I actually remember that firs…