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Blessed Builders: Life Behind Walls

Blessed Builders: Life Behind Walls
Welcome: When I was a kid, we lived in Troy, Alabama.  I can remember the layout of my childhood home.  I had a bedroom.  Just across the hall was my brothers room.  Down the hall and to the right was a bathroom and then there was a guest room on the left and my Mom and Dad’s room was on the right.  We had a large den and a adjoining kitchen.  My Dad finished our garage and turned in into a game room.  That’s where I learned how to play ping pong.  
It was a great house.  
Yet, there was one place in the house that me and my brother could not go.  It was basically off limits.  Do you know what room I am talking about?
That’s right, the living room!
No one was allow to live in the living room.  If you, me or my brother lived in the living room, my mother might kill us.  The carpet was always vacuumed.  Everything was always dusted.  It was exactly the way my Mom wanted it to be.  Perfect.  It was so perfect that no one could go in.  She had it just t…

Blessed Builders: Nehemiah’s Adversity

Blessed Builders: Nehemiah’s Adversity

Introduction: How many of you know the story of famed running back Hershel Walker?  Growing up, you would not have thought much of him.  His teachers didn’t think him to be very smart.  The coaches at the school just saw a pudgy, overweight, slow kid.  His peers were mean to him and even did physical harm to him.  On the last day of 8th grade, Walker was beat up by a group of bullies.  He walked home.  Went into his bedroom and started doing push ups.  Over that summer Walker would transform into the most dominate athlete in his school.  Never again would anyone beat up Hershel Walker.  Eventually, he would take that determination to Georgia where he would win a Heisman Trophy.  He would also become a national champion.  

You know, it would have been easy for Hershel to get beaten and embrace being beaten down.  That’s what most of us would do.  When adversity hits, we abandon hope.  Not Hershel.  
Friend, today we will be looking at Nehemiah 6. …